What’s an Ontozoan?

After getting numerous phone solicitations mangling the pronunciation of this blog’s name, and after numerous quizzical looks when I’ve told friends what the title of this blog is, I’ve decided an explanation might be in order.  Ontozoan is a word I coined and it is the name of this blog and of one of the […]

Crisis? What Crisis?

It is  is hard to describe the condition of masculinity in the US  as anything other than grim.  Women earn close to 60% of the college degrees awarded each year, and since a college degree is the price of admission to most salaried jobs, this places men at a disadvantage in launching a career.  The knowledge […]

What Is This? (a/k/a Challenge Accepted)

Welcome to my first post. I’m starting this blog because I believe that there is a crisis among millennial men and women, and I want to encourage you — my brothers — to be part of the solution.  There is enough brokenness in both sexes and therefore more than enough blame to go around.  But instead of fixating […]