A Testimonial

Under the Biblical admonition “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth” (Proverbs 27:2 – ESV), here is a word of endorsement from my friend Lucas M.  I had the privilege of being a mentor to Lucas for several years and I consider him a close friend.  Here’s Lucas:

I had the privilege of meeting George Booth at a very crucial turning point in my spiritual journey.  I was desperately lost following the world and I was in desperately need of a godly man to intervene and walk with me a while.  Because God loved me he sent me GEO.

In my lost state I had managed to find myself back in the church after sometime using my mediocre musical ability to help out the worship team.  George was the servant leader of the group and made quick work of organizing and scheduling  everything.  Which worked well for my noncommittal attitude knowing that all I had to do was show up and George would take care of everything.  It was over time seeing George’s dedication to the group and seeing how much he cared and prayed for everyone that really started to change my attitude and my heart.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was seeing Jesus’ Spirit working through GEO and it was influencing me.  It was not long before George asked me to lunch one day and to my surprise he asked me questions about my life and it seemed like he really cared.  After that first lunch meeting there became many more because George consistently pursued me and over time challenged me.  This is crucial for anyone that wants to disciple and mentor men.

You need to lovingly pursue them and try to meet them right where they are – you know just like Christ does.  Over time I recommitted my life to Christ and major changes started to take place in my life.  And George was there beside me praying and ministering to me through it all.  I thank God for George and for his boldness in being a shepherd to young men.  We all need men like George in our lives and in our churches and I pray that one day I can mirror what George did for me to other men.

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