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Note:  This is a re-post of my first post on August 7, 2014

Welcome to my first post.

I’m starting this blog because I believe that there is a crisis among millennial men and women, and I want to encourage you — my brothers — to be part of the solution.  There is enough brokenness in both sexes and therefore more than enough blame to go around.  But instead of fixating on the flaws of others, or on empty exhortations to “man up,” this blog is intended to offer practical encouragement.

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I’m speaking primarily to young men here.  So many of your cohort have grown up without a father in the house or in your life, so you’ve had to take your cues about masculinity from the culture at large.  If you’re at all perceptive, you can see that our culture is deeply confused about the worth of men.  I want to spend some time sharing the lessons I’ve learned about what it means to be a man in the 21st century, as well as to start a discussion on related topics around this main issue.  I can’t be everyone’s dad or everyone’s mentor, but I hope what I post here will give you a plan and a push to seek wisdom and to be the best version of yourself possible.

This is my personal blog, and I am writing and posting under my real name.  I’ve provided more information about myself on the About Me page, so feel free to go there if you’re curious.  I’m aware that there are many bloggers writing about issues of concern to men, but what I haven’t seen in my admittedly limited research over the past several years, is an older man purposely writing to younger men on how to navigate the transition from adolescence to thriving manhood.

Whether or not this fits with what some call the manosphere, I’ll leave for them — and you — to decide.   Over time, I will share links to bloggers and posts that I have found interesting.  In the meantime, I add my voice to those who address young men, in hopes of reaching some.  If what you’ve read so far has resonated with you, this blog is for you.

I believe in declaring my biases, so right out of the chute, I’m a Christian and a happily married (to my one and only wife) father of two sons. Despite all the ways both institutions are imperfect, I am pro-marriage and pro-church.  Even if we don’t agree on these subjects, I invite you to read and to comment.  I promise to hear you out and to engage you with candor and civility.

Opposing views are welcome, but not all opinions — no matter how passionately held — are equally valid.  However, I have made mistakes and I guarantee I will make more, so I welcome the opportunity to learn as well as to fix what I have broken.  In particular, I am interested in knowing how this blog can be more helpful and useful to you, so I welcome your comments and suggestions.

So how about you?  In what ways do you see or experience a crisis in contemporary masculinity?    I look forward to continuing the discussion.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. Bring your best manners, please.

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